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I have an installation that used to work, but now appears not to. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Tests that once ran now dont. Nothing appears to run. The output is always as follows:

+----------------------+ |Test Execution Summary| +----------------------+

|No|Test Case Name|Result|


Test Case Summary: 0 test case(s) executed, 0 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 errored.

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The test procs must begin with the all lowercase keyword test. [test to start the name is fine. All other sprocs are ignored. This was demonstrated in the code, but someone (ahem) decided to number the tests to make an order. The numbers need to go after the test keyword. Now I have tests that pass/fail again!

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Actually, the casing of the name isn't important (check out tSQLt.Private_RunTestClass) - good thing as our convention is PascalCase! –  John McLusky Jul 30 '13 at 13:12

Your question doesn't give a huge amount of detail. What produced the output above? EXEC tSQLt.RunAll or maybe EXEC tSQLt.Run 'MyTests'. One thing to be aware of is that if you have a test class that is already in existence (say 'MyTests') and you run EXEC tSQLt.NewTestClass 'MyTests' again it will clear all existing tests from the test class.

Try this out.

EXEC tSQLt.NewTestClass 'MyTests'

    EXEC tSQLt.Fail 'this should not work'

EXEC tSQLt.NewTestClass 'MyTests'

EXEC tSQLt.Run 'MyTests'
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