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I've created very simple endpoint with one HTTP GET method. I'm passing one string as ApiMethod named parameter:

@Api (name = "sample_endpoint")
public class SampleEndpoint
    public Entity get(@Named("parameter") String parameter)
        return new Entity(parameter);

    public class Entity
        public String parameter = "Validated ok.";
        public Entity(String parameter) { this.parameter = parameter; }
        public String getParameter() { return parameter; }

When I call URL with parameter containing letters and numbers and some special chars, like -., it works:

GET http://localhost:8888/_ah/api/sample_endpoint/v1/entity/passedparam

200 OK
 "parameter": "passedparam"

But when I insert certain special characters into parameter, like :#/, I'm getting HTTP 404. Parameter is URL encoded, in example I'm using value passed:param

GET http://localhost:8888/_ah/api/sample_endpoint/v1/entity/passed%3Aparam

404 Not Found
<html><head><title>Error 404</title></head>
<body><h2>Error 404</h2></body>

Is it bug or feature? Or maybe I'm doing it wrong?

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Did you manged to overcome this? I have the same problem for a week and luck :/ –  kkonrad Aug 28 '13 at 9:54

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This has been solved as of App Engine SDK 1.8.6

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Good to hear that :) –  Skierbi Oct 28 '13 at 9:45

This is now being discussed in this issue report. Since the behavior differs in dev and prod, there's definitely a bug here. My suspicion is that what you're trying to do should work in both dev and prod, and there's a bug in the local server.

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