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I'm using JasperReports. When I generate my reports, I see this message a lot:

JRAbstractStyleFactory - The 'lineSpacing' attribute is deprecated. Use the <paragraph> tag instead.

I have not found any information on how to use the paragraph tag to replace lineSpacing; what is the correct way to do this?

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The error message says to replace an attribute with a tag. That means, instead of this:

<style name="my_style" lineSpacing="Double" fontName="Univers" fontSize="9"/>

use this:

<style name="my_style" fontName="Univers" fontSize="9">
    <paragraph lineSpacing="Double"/>

And instead of this:

<textElement verticalAlignment="Top" lineSpacing="Double" markup="styled"/>

use this:

<textElement verticalAlignment="Top" markup="styled">
    <paragraph lineSpacing="Double"/>

That resolves all of the warnings.

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