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I am debugging, then the error message pop up like following:|84|=============================checkShownBefore 
Started request to "" 
Received 200 from ""|31|=============_setTip|153|======================currentTip|153|==============finish currentTip|31|=============_setTip|153|======================currentTip|153|==============finish currentTip 
undefined|0|TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function 

It didn't even mention which file is complaining the type error, I tried to use console.log in quicktip_controller.js, to see whether there is anything wrong after this page. But I can get nothing. Any suggestion??

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Suggestion is that the undefined is valid in , but invalid for pure environment. So you haveto look into apps/quicktip/ejs/quicktip.ejs or around files for the occurines of undefined keyword in code.

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