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I've created a console application that is using LinqToSql. It works very well, but I feel that it is a code smell. Here's my linq query:

var personnelInfo = Personnels.Where(p => p.Name.Equals("Steve Jobs"));

Now, I want to report on various fields of that object. This is what I feel is a code smell:

Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Emp ID = {0}", personnelInfo.Select(p => p.EmpID).FirstOrDefault()));
Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Phone# = ({0}) {1}-{2}", 
    personnelInfo.Select(p => p.Phone).FirstOrDefault().Substring(0,3),
    personnelInfo.Select(p => p.Phone).FirstOrDefault().Substring(3,3),
    personnelInfo.Select(p => p.Phone).FirstOrDefault().Substring(6,4)));
Console.WriteLine(String.Format("City = {0}", personnelInfo.Select(p => p.City).FirstOrDefault()));

Can this be refactored?

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You should get the query result just once:

var firstPerson = personnelInfo.First();

You can then access properties directly.

You should also move the phone number formatting into a separate re-usable function.

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I would suggest a foreach as there might be another Steve Jobs out there:

foreach(var personel in personelInfo)
    Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Emp ID = {0}", personel.EmpID));
    Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Phone# = ({0}) {1}-{2}", 
    Console.WriteLine(String.Format("City = {0}", personel.City));
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