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I am trying to connect control multiple device on the network centrally via a tablet/android device and have some issues trying to find the right protocol for secure communication.

Is there a api available for coding/utilizing CAN network on android over Ethernet/Bluetooth/Wifi ? Or is there another protocol that is more suitable for my application?

Thank you.

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Can your "devices" understand CAN? Ignoring CAN, Can they support Wireless communication? Answers of these two questions might help you! – Swanand Aug 20 '13 at 12:56
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Another way is to use a CAN bus to Android dongle specifically designed for this application. It uses Google's USB open accessory to communicate through USB.

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If you have a PC with CAN adapter, you can use daemon and an app (you'll to write it yourself using availibale Java classes from on your tablet to directly communicate with CAN nodes.

Another way is to use some Ethernet/Wifi gateway like NET-CAN 110 or NET-CAN 120 WLAN. You'll need to write an Android app opening a TCP channel and talking ASCII protocol to these gateways.

For Bluetooth

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What you are able to use will be determined by what protocol your devices support.

However, the use of a CAN bus is meant primarily to reduce wiring between the components, so implementing it over a wireless protocol is pretty much nonsense.

Considering you have the alternatives you mentioned (Ethernet/Bluetooth/Wifi), assuming some kind of TCP/IP network between your devices HTTPS would be a reasonable protocol to use.

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