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I was draw polygon object in canvas of pattern image.

fabric.Image.fromURL("", function(img) {

      originX: 'left',
      originY: 'top'

    var patternSourceCanvas = new fabric.StaticCanvas();

    var pattern = new fabric.Pattern({
      source: function() {
          width: img.getWidth() + 0,
          height: img.getHeight() + 0
        return patternSourceCanvas.getElement();
      repeat: 'repeat'

    canvas.add(new fabric.Polygon([
      {x: 185, y: 0},
      {x: 250, y: 100},
      {x: 385, y: 170},
      {x: 0, y: 245} ], {
        left: 220,
        top: 200,
        angle: -30,
        fill: pattern

I found this source here.

But i want to fill in polygon object as SVG type file.

Is it possible ???


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just replace: patternSourceCanvas.add(img);

with: patternSourceCanvas.add(yourShape);

yourShape in the above code may be svg or any simple shapes or whatever,they will be used as the patterns to fill your polygon.

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