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I wanna set a ajax setting for global ajax handled by jQuery


If ajax url is '', the data (querystring or body) will append token.

I tried two method


$.ajaxPrefilter( function( options, originalOptions, jqXHR ) {

    // Add data to ajax option
    if (options.url.match(/www\.example\.com/i) !== null) { = 'i_am_token'


To add token when url is> it not work!

In console/debugger originalOptions Object is added token property, but request sent not having token parameter

.ajaxSetup / beforeSend Event

    beforeSend: function(jqXHR, settings) {

        // Only GET Method
        if (settings.url.match(/www\.example\.com/i) == null){
            settings.url.replace(/((\.\/[a-z][0-9])*\?+[=%&a-z0-9]*)&?token=[a-z0-9]*&?([=%&a-z0-9]*)/gi, "$1$3")

    data: {
        token: 'i_am_token'

And a reverse resolution, add token for each ajax request.

Same as last one, settings.url changed by string replace in the console/debugger. But request still sent original url.

Test in jsfiddle:

Thanks for your reading and help :)

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You should notice that the String.replace function doesn't affect the original string!

You can try using settings.url = settings.url.replace(....); in your code.

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