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I am having trouble finding an efficient asynchronous method to test whether an email that a user enters is unique. I don't want to use validates within my controller because I want to present a popup before the user submits the form.

I'm basically trying to do User.find(:all, :conditions => ["email == ?", current_user.email]) but from within the javascript on my html page.

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You would need something like this:

  • A method in your controller that checks email uniqueness, like unique = (User.find(:all, :conditions => ["email == ?", current_user.email])).length == 0. Let it just return JSON like this: render json: unique. No need for a view.
  • A route to that method.
  • A function in JavaScript that sends an email to the above route and gets a JSON document in return.

Here's an untested example using jQuery:

function isEmailUnique(email) {
  jQuery.get('/my-controller/test-email-uniqueness', email, function(json) {
    if (json.unique) {
      // Tell the user the email is in use.

That should do it. You'll need to work a little on the structure of the JSON document returned by the controller. Do no return the entire user record since this can give evil people access to stuff they shouldn't have access to. Preferably return something like { 'email': 'user@example.com', 'unique': true }

Hope it helps.

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