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With the introduction of .map files I am getting my console flooded with errors like:

Denying load of chrome-extension://flpedblkbobmjlipnnmalidalmhkangn/jquery.min.map. Resources must be listed in the web_accessible_resources manifest key in order to be loaded by pages outside the extension.

Is there any way I can suppress error messages about .map files?

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Just edit jquery.min.js and remove //@ sourceMappingURL=jquery.min.map. –  Rob W Jul 25 '13 at 9:05
@RobW Not a viable option as you will notice from the error, these are coming from within extensions. –  Hailwood Jul 25 '13 at 9:45
possible duplicate of jQuery's jquery-1.10.2.min.map is triggering a 404 (Not Found) (I realize that this question by Paul Irish was posted later, but it has become a canonical reference for this topic) –  Rob W Oct 18 '13 at 21:58

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To disable the source maps for one file:

You can filter out the messages for the .map files by right clicking them in the console (Not the link) Selecting Filter > Hide messages from ... enter image description here

You can also disabled either CSS or JavaScript source maps globally from the Developer Tools settings.

To disable the source maps globally:

  • Click the cog icon in the bottom right of the Developer Tools
  • Locate the 2nd and 3rd options on the right under Sources
  • Untick Enable JS source maps
  • Untick Enable CSS source maps enter image description here
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Download the map file and place it in the same .js file directory. http://jquery.com/download/

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Although in my case it was coming from an extension, so I couldn't do that. –  Hailwood Oct 20 '13 at 10:14

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