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Say I #include "math.h" in a simple C program while doing a math calculation so I can use the constant for PI. Then, I take out the usage of 'math.h' without actually removing the #include. Would this irrelevant file still compile and make my program larger or will it be ignored?

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Use of pre-processor directive #include for a header file with no parseable code will not increase the size of the compiled binary.

Typically a header file will only usually include declarations - not definitions. So the inclusion of a C header file will not normally increase the size of the binary anyway.

For example - in a header file this statement int maxlines; would create the definition of a variable which would be stored in the compiled binary file. The inclusion of the definition would increase the size of the binary. Function declarations and pre-processor tokens such as int parseFiles(const char *file); and #include MAX_LINES 80 however will not increase the program size.

One effect of keeping the #include statement will be to increase the time taken to compile slightly.

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Thankyou so much, you just fed my hungry curiosity –  King Popsicle Jul 25 '13 at 5:41
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