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I'm trying to use Rspec-rails on my application but I fail when I try to verify the response of my request.

This is my code :

# app/controllers/user_controller.rb

# GET api/users/:id
def show
  @user = User.find(:id)
  respond_to do |format|
    format.json {render template: "/api/users/detailed"}


# spec/controllers/api/users_controller_spec.rb

require "spec_helper"

describe Api::UsersController do
  include Devise::TestHelpers

  describe "GET #show" do
    user = FactoryGirl.build(:user)
    it "assigns the requested user to @user" do
      get :show, :format => 'json', :id => user.id
      assigns(:user).should eq(@user)

    it "renders the #detailed  view" do
      get :show, :format => 'json', :id => user.id
      response.should be_respond_to("api/users/detailed")
      #expect(response).to render_template("api/users/detailed")

      #expect(subject).to render_template("/api/users/detailed")
      #render(:template => "/api/users/detailed.json.rabl", :format => "json")
      #response.should render_template("/api/users/detailed.json.rabl")

I commented a part of what I have tested.
I just want to be sure that my controller respond_to a template called "api/users/detailed".

Most often, I have the following error :

expecting <"api/users/detailed"> but rendering with <"">

I'm pretty sure my request called the controller because the first describe "assigns the requested user to @user" works.

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