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Is it possible to add cookie like


Here is my code

options[:headers][:cookies] = {:cookie_key => 'cookie_value'}

This code works fine but when I try something like

options[:headers][:cookies] = {:cookie_key => {} }

I get /../../util.rb:16:in 'unescape': undefined method 'tr' for #<Hash:0x0000000195f7d0> (NoMethodError)

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as far as i can understand error you've got not really related to question you asked .. –  okliv Jul 25 '13 at 7:26

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Cookies basically can only store strings (for each first-level key).

In order to store hash in cookies values, you need serialize/deserialize the data, for example, with JSON

cookies[:i_need_to_store_hash] = hsh.to_json

and than

i_need_to_get_my_hash_back = JSON.parse(cookies[:i_need_to_store_hash])

but remember that cookies very limited in size (4096 bytes)

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