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Please help,

I want to use the value that i stored using storeText.

My problem is, how do i use this on the other fields of the page?

Thanks in advance!

For example:

I want to get the name of this customer, and verify it on another site if its existing by entering the name on the search field on another site?

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See the "Variable substitution" paragraph of the documentation, it even has a nice example of usage for storing a name from multiple fields:

Variable substitution

Variable substitution provides a simple way to include a previously stored variable in a command parameter. This is a simple mechanism, by which the variable to substitute is indicated by ${variableName}. Multiple variables can be substituted, and intermixed with static text.


store       | Mr                   | title
storeValue  | nameField            | surname
store       | ${title} ${surname}  | fullname
type        | textElement          | Full name is: ${fullname}
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Why don't you get the text from the webelement store it in a global static variable and call the variable in the other test case?

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