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I'm a quite new in WPF...

My application reads data from an external device.
When data is ready I have to add a TabItem to a TabControl and, inside it, create a control which reads its xaml file at runtime (because I have a different layout for each customer).

Which is the best approach to do it?


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You need to implement DataTemplates and as you say "because I have a different layout for each customer", you would need to implement DataTemplateSelector as well to load customer specific template. –  nits Jul 25 '13 at 7:09

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Uhhh, don't try something like that. Use DataTemplates and a DataTemplateSelector instead.

Create a DataTemplate for each customer. You should have an VM with a property, which gives the DataTemplateSelector the information it needs to decide which DataTemplate to load. You can find an example for your specific case here.

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Thanks a lot @DHN, I go to study the DataTemplates! BTW, if you wanna take a look also at my other question ;-) stackoverflow.com/questions/17747544/… –  Barzo Jul 25 '13 at 7:46

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