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Is it possible to change ToggleButton state (checked/unchecked) from service?
I am passing boolean value via SharedPreference after togglebutton click(checked) and reset it after stop recording at service (service is still running after it).
But how i can change ToggleButton state?

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You can listen sharedprefs changes via OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener. So from service set boolean flag in prefs. Listen for your flag from activity and change toggle button state.

  • You also can use LocalBroadcastManager to send message when you stop recording.
  • Activity can give a callback to a service which it should call when recording it stopped.
  • You can use EvenBus to communicate between app components.

There are a lot different ways.

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thx!! OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener would do the job, cause activity isnt always running with service. – Silverrose Jul 25 '13 at 9:13

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