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I have initialized a Cache::Memcached::Fast object in the mod_perl startup for re-use by the scripts

For eg in

 $GLOBAL::memc = new Cache::Memcached::Fast({servers => ''});

I notice that when multiple calls to $GLOBAL::memc->get() happen simultaneously to the scripts the data for 1 process is sometimes copied to the results of the other

How can I make sure the memc handles are multi process-safe

This link explains a different problem , that the memcache handle dies .. but I guess this is also because of the same reason What is the best way to create persistent memcached connections under mod_perl?

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How does calling get() copy anything anywhere? Also according to the docs: Currently recognized keys are: servers...The value is a reference to an array of server addresses. Your value is a string. – 7stud Jul 25 '13 at 8:55

Is Memcached get and put methods are thread safe

use cas(compare and set) function to have proper syncronization between processes/threads.

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