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My intent is to check for TCP and UDP being opened by a specific process.

lsof -p $1 | grep -E "TCP|UDP" (this works well on Mac OS)

I installed lsof binary on a jailbroken iPad, from cydia. When i execute lsof on iOS device (terminal), it just gives me errors saying: information error: Cannot allocate memory

I tried compiling lsof for iOS (arm) from various sources but the make fails.

Also tried to install .deb on the iPad, using dpkg -i but it gave errors saying that ruby and other dependencies are not found.

Would be great if I could get help in getting lsof to function properly on iOS. Or a working alternative for lsof. Thanks.

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I copy the file from my old device and upload it to GitHub here.

I encounter the same problem. I solved it by this:

  1. Download lsof-arm7-iOS4.2.
  2. Backup the old lsof to lsof-backup.
  3. Copy the downloaded the lsof-arm7-iOS4.2 to iDevice.
  4. Rename the lsof-arm7-iOS4.2 to lsof
  5. Then chmod +x lsof


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+1 This solution still works (and is still necessary) on iOS 7.0. – Nate Apr 27 '14 at 11:35
This link does not work anymore. Does anyone have a saved file? – silvansky May 28 '15 at 8:12
Thanks a lot! You saved my time. =) – silvansky May 29 '15 at 8:13
On iOS 9 this binary gives Killed: 9 mesage. =( – silvansky May 13 at 16:44

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