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I want to write c program,on Linux, that will scan for nearby devices via Bluetooth, than user selects one device and program connects with chosen device.

So I started from: this.

I have installed bluez-utils, libbluetooth-dev and bluez-hcidump.`

simplescan.c program from link above works and prints addresses of devices on screen. rfcomm-client program works, but it connects only for a moment to my mobile-phone and than prints message "connection refused", I have used system(bluetooth-agent xxx) to set pin. rfcomm-server.c program just starts and does nothing.

I have last version of ubuntu(13.04) and kernel(3.8.0-26) and have tried all suggestions for similar problems I found on this site but nothing worked.

Thing is, before I started my phone was working with PC via Bluetooth, using system Bluetooth, and now that doesn't work either. I know C programming but am new to Ubuntu. I hope someone can help me or direct me to pages that can help.

Thank you

EDIT: I decided to use hci commands: opened socket with hci_get_route() and hci_open_dev(). Now have to use hci_create_connection() for making connection, but I don't know what ptype, rswitch and *handle has to be. What are those values and from where to get them?

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Link is not correct.. –  pradipta Jul 25 '13 at 9:17
I see now, thanks Yotam for changing it. –  JS Igre Jul 25 '13 at 12:00

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