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The question is in the title. I'd like to do something like this :

myfunc<- pexp
plot(function(x) myfunc(x, 0.5))

I'd like to call several functions given as parameters in my script. I'd like to use a foreach instead of a bunch of if-then-else statement :

Suppose I call my script this way :

R --slave -f script.R --args plnorm pnorm 

I'd like to do something like this :

#only get parameters after --args
for i in args {
    plot(function(x) i(x,param1,param2))
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Use get to retrieve an object given a character string containing its name. In this case, you can also use getFunction, the specific version to retrieve functions.

for f in args {
     f <- getFunction(f)
     plot(function(x) f(x, param1, param2))
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Perfect, thanks ! – Saroupille Jul 25 '13 at 9:55

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