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My document folder is structure like below

  post.html //listing blog post

My Menu structure like this

Home | About us | Interior | Exterior | Gallery | Posts | Contact

I create the menu by listing the page collection, it's Ok!

        | Home
    each doc in getCollection('pages').toJSON()
      - clazz = (document.url === doc.url) ? 'active' : null
      li.dropdown(typeof="sioc:Page", about=doc.url, class=clazz)
        a(href=doc.url, property="dc:title")= doc.title

how can I add submenu item for Interior and Exterior by listing pages from interior/exterior folder

thank in advance!

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May be you use docpad-menu..?

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While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. – Akira Jul 26 '13 at 8:36
hi npofopr, I use jade template, how to convert from eco to jade – billyduc Jul 29 '13 at 7:49
Menu plugin seems to do it for me. Thanks npofopr. And I concur with @Sim's point of a more exacting answer. Cheers! – Mikeumus Oct 20 '13 at 22:55

This may be an inefficient way to handle this, but this is what I've figured out so far for something like this (CoffeeKup + Bootstrap):

  li class: "dropdown", ->
    a href: "#", class: "dropdown-toggle", "data-toggle": "dropdown", ->
      text "API"
      b class: "caret"
    ul class: "dropdown-menu", ->
      for file in @getFilesAtPath("api").toJSON()
        li ->
          if @document.relativeOutDirPath == "."
            a href: file.relativeOutPath, file.title
            a href: "../" + file.relativeOutPath, file.title

Notice the @getFilesAtPath("api").toJSON() portion. I have a folder called "/api" and it contains files. Using this type of structure, the respective <li> tags for each file inside that folder.

Of course using this, you need to create another one of these things for each folder you create (I couldn't find a way to to loop through directory names).

The real garbage starts flying (and maybe you have a better attack at this), is the <li> tag itself. Notice the if statement that needs to check to see if we are on the index.html page or some sub folder. I then have to tack on the "../" to the file's path. I've been searching but not yet have found a simple @document.pathToRoot style attribute.

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You could flag according docs in their respective YAML, e.g.

submenu: interior
title: in1

and use that to render from a matching collection in your nav or else like e.g.

<% for entry in @getCollection("html").findAllLive({submenu: interior}).toJSON(): %>    
   <li><%= entry.title %></li>
<% end %>

To use the matching folder instead of YAML you'd change the query from submenu: interior to relativeOutDirPath: /interior/

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You could give your top level pages a meta-data tag locationOfChildren which would be the path to the folder where the child pages are. If a top-level page (index.html for example) does not have children, then just don't define the tag or give it a value.

You then can add an if statement that will run a loop for the child document listing if locationOfChildren is defined.

          | Home
      each doc in getCollection('pages').toJSON()
        - clazz = (document.url === doc.url) ? 'active' : null
        li.dropdown(typeof="sioc:Page", about=doc.url, class=clazz)
          a(href=doc.url)= doc.title
          if doc.locationOfChildren
              each childDoc in getFilesAtPath(doc.locationOfChildren).toJSON()
                - clazz = (document.url === childDoc.url) ? 'active' : null
                li.dropdown(typeof="sioc:Page", about=childDoc.url, class=clazz)
                  a(href=childDoc.url)= childDoc.title

You probably don't want your pages to be sorted alphabetically, so you can add a navOrder tag to the metadata of each page, and assign integer values to it. In both of your query strings (getCollection and getFilesAtPath), add .findAllLive({isPage:true},[{navigationOrder:1}]) before the .toJSON() method, and you should be good to go.

Ex: getFilesAtPath(doc.locationOfChildren).findAllLive({isPage:true},[{navOrder:1}]).toJSON()

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