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My Dev server my glassfish web app reports that it has a local of en_US. This is causing the dates to be displayed in US format. I want us use locale en_GB for the dates.

My Dev server is a virtual box configured as follows:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS server
  • Oracle Java 1.7.0_11
  • GlassFish Server Open Source Edition (build 5)
  • GlassFish is running using upstart
  • JavaServerFaces 1.2 Web app

Both the Host machine and the VM both return en_GB as the default OS locale

$ locale

However in my web app when I write the locale to the log file, or when dates are displayed I can see that the locale is set to en_US.

                Locale locale = Locale.getDefault();
                log("Login.login_btn_action(): Default locale = " + locale.toString());


Login.login_btn_action(): Default locale = en_US

To fix this I've tried the following (with no sucess):

1) In the Admin interface, selecting Domain and setting the locale to en_GB I can see that this setting appears in domain.xml in the first line:

2) Adding additional jvm-options in domain.xml to 'default-config' and 'server-config' to set user.language and user.country


(Of course Each time I make a change I stop and start Glassfish)

Please can you suggest other options / settings to check / change to get my Java app to run with the native server locale?

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According to the Javadoc for Locale.getDefault(), you can change the default locale by using Locale.setDefault(Locale). Obviously, it isn't very nice to hard-code a locale in your app, so you could consider reading it from a config file or JVM option.

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He might also try changing the date formats according to locale. –  Lenymm Jul 25 '13 at 10:27
Thanks mthmulders for the suggestion. Using Locale.setDefault(Locale) is a work around. However why Glassfish does not use the OS or jvm-option locale is still unanswered..... –  SteveGreenslade Jul 25 '13 at 11:00

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