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I'm very new to the restlet framework and pretty much webservices in general. I'm managing fine to send requests to 'HTTP' resources but as soon as I try and hit 'HTTPS' resources with my code I get the following error:

No available client connector supports the required protocols: 'HTTPS' . Please add the JAR of a matching connector to your classpath.

So this could simply be solved by adding a certain .jar to my project but I don't know which one. Or.. it could be a bit more complicated than that. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

PS - Using Restlet 2.1.2

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Try this:

In addition to the standard Restlet jar files, you also need to reference jar files for HTTPS. The 'Simple' HTTPS connector uses these jar files:





found here:http://restlet.org/learn/guide/2.2/core/security/https

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If only I just read. Thanks Clyde, seems the error doesn't occur any more. –  Dean Grobler Jul 25 '13 at 10:36
No problem! Happy coding. –  CBIII Jul 25 '13 at 10:37

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