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I have created roles with similar names like abc_ where number varies but abc_ always stays same. I can see the roles with following query

select * from pg_roles where rolname like 'abc_%';

But I don't know how to drop all role with similar name. I have got following query but it takes full name.


I am trying to dropping from psql and I am not writing any functions. Is there any query to to drop roles where I can have like 'abc_%'?

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Without using dynamic SQL of some sort, no, you can't do that. A simple example using dynamic SQL to drop the roles:

select 'DROP ROLE ' || rolname || ';' from pg_roles where rolname like 'abc_%';

If you are unwilling to paste the results into a psql session, you can also pipe it from one session to another.

psql -d yourdb -U youruser -qtAc "select 'DROP ROLE ' || rolname || ';' from pg_roles where rolname like 'abc_%'" | psql -d yourdb -U youruser
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