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I have a div (it's a rectangle of course) with an image of a triangle as background. I want to move an image of a circle inside the triangle.

I chose JQuery UI's draggable to use but i couldn't manage to constrain the draggable image within the triangle.

I thought i should use the containment option with an array but i can't define a triangle with two coordinates.

Then i found this topic: constrain within a triangle

There the answer is pretty good but it uses a sinus curve and i've got no idea how to define a triangle as the path to use.

Anyone can help how i should constrain the circle's movement to the triangle?

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You forgot to link the topic you mentioned –  Jonas Grumann Jul 25 '13 at 12:03
Also, what are your browser support requirements? –  Jonas Grumann Jul 25 '13 at 12:05
Oh, here's the link: stackoverflow.com/questions/8583832/constrain-within-a-triangle I want to embed it into an iBook project as a html widget so basically i think any webkit browser. –  dpb Jul 25 '13 at 12:35
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One of my friends came up with a really simple and nice solution: see it

$( "#circle" ).draggable({
drag: function(e, ui) {

    var width = $('#triangle').width();
    var height = $('#triangle').height();

    var x = ui.position.left + $(this).width() / 2;
    var y = ui.position.top + $(this).height() / 2;

    var difference = Math.abs( x - width / 2 );
    var min_y = height * ( difference / (width / 2) );
    if ( y < min_y ) y = min_y;

    if ( x < 0 ) x = 0;
    if ( y < 0 ) y = 0;
    if ( x > width ) x = width;
    if ( y > height ) y = height;

    ui.position.top = y - $(this).height() / 2;
    ui.position.left = x - $(this).width() / 2;

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