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I want to change one of my app name which is approved in itunes and i don't want to submit new app on app store, just wanted to change the name of it. Suppose my app name is abc and after chaging i want it xyz. Plese share the procedure.


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Do you want to change name of the same app which is live in itunes store ? – Nishant Tyagi Jul 25 '13 at 11:49

Yes, you can change it if you submit an update.

You have to click on the new version of your app, then you can edit the "Version Information" and change the name.

For More Info Refer this Link

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You cannot change the name of your App once its approved and available on App store.

But yes while posting a new binary/upgrade to your existing Application you can change the name of your App based upon the availability of that name in App store.

Regards Rajeev

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