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I am doing a prototype inheritance method test.. i am getting a error, even after i copied the instance to my existing object...

what is wrong here..

my test :

var human = function(name){
    this.name = name;

human.prototype.say = function(){

var male = function(gender){
    this.gender = gender;

male.prototype.Gender = function(){

var inst1 = new human('nw louies');

var inst2 = new male("male");
inst2.prototype = new human("sa loues philippe"); //i am copying the instance of human
inst2.say(); // throw the error as "undefined"

what is wrong here.. any one help me to understand my mistake?

live demo here

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You need to say

var male = function(gender){
    this.gender = gender;

male.prototype = new human();

Don't forget that you also need to set the name property of male objects. You could expose a setName method on human and call that in the male constructor function, for example.

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can you please update my jsfiddle to get more understanding please? –  3gwebtrain Jul 25 '13 at 12:45
Have a look at this: jsfiddle.net/4WDxR/2 I hope it is of some help for your, feel free to ask otherwise –  Chips_100 Jul 25 '13 at 13:11

The prototype property is defined on constructors/functions only. So...

var obj = { a: 10 };
obj.prototype = { b : 20 }; // Wont't work

obj.constructor.prototype.say = function(){

obj.say(); // Works.

I hope you understand

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