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I think this should be a rather simple thing to do, but I'm completely hangin' here! I'm really not sure how much more descriptive I can be here, the title pretty much explains it all. It's a fairly odd situation because my google skills have completely failed me, and I know the solution is probably so simple to implement.

Would anyone care to explain this to me? Thanks.


Okay, never mind, apparently IE (which I'm testing in for compatibility reasons) doesn't do something correctly. I was using the correct method to do it, it just wasn't happening. But low-and-behold, as soon as I open it in Firefox it works.

Lesson I have learned today: Internet Explorer sucks!

Also, much kudos to those who helped... (I don't know if solve is the right word here) me diagnose this issue. Thanks!

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Not tested, but should roughly resemble this one:

var c = $('#child');
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Step by step:

var $myElement = $('myElementSelector');      // get your element
var attrValue = $myElement.attr('someAttr');  // get the value of element's attribute
var $parent = $myElement.parent();            // get the element's parent element
$parent.attr('someAttr', attrValue);          // set parent's attribute to child's value

The last three lines could be expressed more succinctly:

$myElement.parent().attr('someAttribute', $myElement.attr('someAttribute'););
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