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I am not entirely sure how to explain this, the best way I can is the DataBoundApp in the windows phone 8 templates, when the user navigates to the detailed page of a listbox item, I want the user to be able to navigate through all the items by swiping left or right. I am not entirely sure where to begin with this, or how to search for this online.

navigate from this page to page 2 and the other page also

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i dont Clearly understand your question but if you want that the user can scroll all the items by scrolling left or right then u have 2 option either use Panaroma View or the Pivot View they both will do the same with some changes in the transition .....

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I got it, was searching for dynamically adding items to a panorama control, so the user can navigate through the list of items without him knowing how many their are, excellent tutorial:

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