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In my rails app I need to implement a conditional search form .There are two tables named tweets and coordinates , but the output is showing a blank page and I am stuck up with dis. my coordinates_controller

class CoordinatesController < ApplicationController
  def home 
 # def paramas(b)
   # @b = params[:show]
   # return @b

 #def coor(latitude,longitude)
  # @latitude=0

  def query
    @a=Coordinates.find("city=?", params[:show])
    if(params[:show]= a.city) then 
      latitude= a.latitude
    if(latitude=0 && longitude=0) then
      return  sql="Select * from tweets where tweet_text LIKE '%text%' AND user_loc LIKE 'params[:show]' order by id desc"
    else if (latitude!=0 && longitude!=0) 
           min_lat = latitude - 1.0
           max_lat = latitude + 1.0
           min_lng = longitude - 1.0
           max_lng =  longitude + 1.0
           return   sql = "Select * from tweets where tweet_text LIKE '%text%' AND ( ((longitude BETWEEN min_lng and max_lng) AND (latitude BETWEEN min_lat and max_lat)) OR (user_loc LIKE 'params[:show]') ) order by id desc"
           return   sql="Select * from  tweets where tweet_text LIKE  '%text%'"


My Tweets_controller class TweetsController < ApplicationController

include CoordinatesHelper
  def search
    render 'tweets/search'

  def index

   # include CoordinatesHelper
   @tweets=Tweets.paginate_by_sql(sql, :page => @page, :per_page => @per_page )
    #render 'tweets/index'

my view code for the search button

<%=form_tag({controller: 'tweets', action:'index'},  method: "get") do %>
<%=label_tag(:search, "Search for:") %>
<%=text_field_tag(:text) %>
<%=label_tag(:show, "Show for:") %>
<%=text_field_tag(:show) %>
<%= submit_tag( "GO" ) %>
<% end %>

my view code to display the results

<%= will_paginate @tweets %>
<% @tweets.each do |tweets| %>


  <li><%= tweets.id %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.tweet_created_at %></li>

  <li><%= tweets.tweet_source %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.tweet_text %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.user_id %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.user_name %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.user_sc_name %></li>
<li><%= tweets.user_loc %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.user_img %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.longitude %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.latitude %></li>
<li><%= tweets.place %></li>
  <li><%= tweets.country %></li>

<% end %>

But for some reasons the output is showing an empty page tried editing several tymes but in vain. Anybody kindly help me wid dis, I am struggling wid dis from a long tym

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Looks like @tweets is empty. Check the value of @tweets when you load the page. –  Rob Wagner Jul 25 '13 at 12:33
if(params[:show]= a.city) then ... what is a , thinking it would be @a –  Debadatt Jul 25 '13 at 12:36
@RobWagner can u pls tel me how to find out if it is empty? yhks in advance –  user2492854 Jul 26 '13 at 9:11
@Debadatt its something like if the entered city is inside the table then the latitude and longitude variables must be set to the latitude and longitude attributes of that particular city. –  user2492854 Jul 26 '13 at 9:13

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In your query method, you wrote and finder method, but you have write table name there, not model name, finders works on Model name, write like this :

In your query method replace this :

@a=Coordinates.find("city=?", params[:show])

with this :

@a=Coordinate.find("city=?", params[:show])

because model name, always remain singular, unless you make changes any configuration. and I think, there is a problem with your params[:show] with this. Please paste your result of 'params[:show]'

Hope it will help. Thanks

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