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Very new to visual studio 2012.

I'm trying to select labour in the top listbox and the excavator in the bottom listbox. When I select the bottom listbox as excavator, the top listbox changes to the excavator as well. How do I make these independant?? The listboxes are looking up a data table where each resource/selection is a row/record. I only want to look up the resource record and not modify the record and the user inputs the quantity manually.

Image of list boxes

Image of list boxes

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have been reading a lot and realised that i didnt have my database normalised and my relationships were bad due to this. Now I'm stuck on closing a form after the datagridview shows a lookup value in lieu of a id value –  user2618686 Aug 11 '13 at 9:16
I changed the Autosizemode property for that DataGridViewComboBoxColumn from NotSet to None and the error stopped :) –  user2618686 Aug 13 '13 at 12:09

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It seems you are binding the same object as source to these two list boxes.

If your DataTable name is dt, use dt.AsEnumerable() as DataSource to each of your list box.

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