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OK, I am using SQL Plus and I am trying to view the table and one of the columns I was to view in lower case. This shold be very easy but for some reason it is not work. The code I am using is


The error I am getting is ORA-00904: "CUSTOMER_LAST": invalid identifier

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lower and upper is function call, and you also have a missing coma after CUSTOMER_ADD. proper sql should be

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OK - That worked - I realize that i was missing the comma but when you submit not much you can do about it. However I am wondering what I was doing differently. When i ran the code it was the exact same. I just copied and pasted yours in. – Michael Nov 23 '09 at 21:14
Never mind..... – Michael Nov 23 '09 at 21:15

Try lower(customer_first) and upper(customer_last)

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I tried it and I received the same error. I am fairly sure that command is correct but i tried on two different systems and neither is working – Michael Nov 23 '09 at 21:07
you are missing a comma after CUSTOMER_ADD. – quip Nov 23 '09 at 21:09
you might want to do a "descr customer" to see the definition of the customer table. – quip Nov 23 '09 at 21:10

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