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I have successfully implemented the jQuery vTicker plugin, along with 'previous,' 'next,' and 'pause' link functionality. When I click Pause, the ticker does pause.

The problem is when the ticker is paused, if you mouse-over the ticker, it resumes. You can see this happen on the demo page of this site I posted above (click the pause button in the demo, then mouse-over the ticker below it).

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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@Matt - this issue has now been fixed and the latest version 1.13 includes this fix. I have a test that covers this issue too now.

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I actually found that an issue had been posted on the author's github page for this problem. The poster had also resolved his issue and had posted the code. You can find the fixed code here: https://github.com/richhollis/vticker/pull/6

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