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I am facing a bit of a quandary, I need to replace a new line with <br />. Now, clearly, replacing all instances of \n did not work, as the page did not have proper linebreaks. Here is an example of some possible text:

Some text

More text

Now, this is an issue because there is no \n and I have no way to auto-insert <br />. How can I ensure that this contains proper linebreaks?

This is in PHP. I cannot serve it as plain text.

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To replace new line breaks with
just use nl2br

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Jeez, that's so easy! Thanks! –  Cyclone Nov 23 '09 at 21:09

Maybe you want http://php.net/nl2br? Or maybe I have misunderstood...

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You will want to use nl2br.

Your text has to have a newline (\n) or carriage return (\r) if the text is on 2 different lines.

nl2br will handle either case.

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php has a built in function for that.

nl2br() i believe.

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