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How should I manage different environment settings in AngularJS projects? For example, I'd like to configure things like this different depending on whether I'm in development, test, staging or production:

  • Redirect URLs for single sign on
  • URLs for other services (especially those that support CORS or JSONP i.e. not on the same domain)

On the server side, in Django I'd use settings and local_settings or in Rails, I'd use different environment files like production.rb or development.rb. What's the best practice in AngularJS?

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The solution we use is rather straight forward. Django (or Flask in our case) passes a variable that contain all the api urls to the template where I transform it into a global javascript variable.

I then have a constant defined in Angularjs which fetches that variable. At this point all my services use that constant to retrieve the necessary api url.

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