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I was testing the components filters when I came across something I was not expecting: using a filter will improve the results of some queries. The address I tested was "Avenida de Almirante Reis, 61 C/V.D, Lisboa".

Without the filter the result will only point to a Locality, while if I add a country filter it will point to an exact address.

Which leads me to doubt my knowledge on filters. The only modification a filter should do is to reduce the set of answers, not change it, which is what happens in this case.

I would like to know this because I'm using Google's Geocoding Service and will need to explain (to a certain degree) why I get the results I get, which means understanding this behaviour.

Thanks in advance.

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Could this possibly hav something to do with Regional Biasing? –  jjwdesign Nov 15 '13 at 4:07

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