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I deploy a ruby on rails app in the tomcat 7 server and I try to use cURL to test the REST API I implemented in the app.

The app address is

When working in the development environment, I was able to do this:

curl -d "<some-info>" http://localhost:3000/restapi.json

But after I deployed it to the tomcat server, I tried this and it failed:

curl -d "<some-info>"

the error message is:

Gateway Timeout Server error - server is unreachable at this moment.

Then I tried with wget and it works:

wget --post-data "<some-info>"

Any idea why wget works but not curl?


The cURL does not work when issuing it from another machines even under dev mode. (it seems that the cURL only works on localhost)

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There is no limitation in using cURL with Rails. Can you check how the request is being routed when the 404 error occurs? –  PinnyM Jul 25 '13 at 16:00
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