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When i compiles WebComponents with dart i get this autogenerated code:

void init_autogenerated() {
    var __root = autogenerated.document.body; // remember this
    var __e0;
    var __t = new autogenerated.Template(__root);
    __e0 = __root.nodes[5].nodes[1]; // and this
    __t.oneWayBind(() => startingCount, (e) { if (__e0.xtag.count != e) __e0.xtag.count = e; }, false, false);
    __t.component(new CounterComponent()..host = __e0);

with this code if i will change nodes-tree in document, marked line will select the wrong nodes!

Can i do something to fix this problem?

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I'm trying to understand your question. Are you editing the autogenerated code? Why? –  Shailen Tuli Jul 25 '13 at 16:34
Look, in this generated code __e0 is WebComponent element and he have fixed address: __root.nodes[5].nodes[1]. If on server side, or before init_autogenerated i added element before __e0, then __root.nodes[5].nodes[1] is another element. –  dangreen Jul 25 '13 at 20:09

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