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I have defined some types as follows:

module SMap = Map.Make(String)

type s = 
  { t: int
    fa: int list } 

type t = s SMap.t

I would like to write a function modify to add 100 to the list fa for the element corresponding to key. The following code works:

let modify (key: String) (x: t) =
  let a = SMap.find key x in
  SMap.add key { a with fa = a.fa @ [100] } (SMap.remove key x)

However, removing and adding an element looks redundant for me... Could any tell me if there is a better way to directly modify it?

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You don't need to remove it, if you add an existing key, it will be replaced. – snf Jul 25 '13 at 16:05
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Yes, you can just add it.

A map can contain a key only once, so if you add another mapping with this key, it will remove the previous one.

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