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Im using JAXB to serialize my Java model, in JAXB you can choose between an @XmlElement or an @XmlAttribute

my model looks like:

public class Link {
    String rel;
    String href;

If I annotate the properties in the Link class with @XmlAttribute the link will look like

<link rel="self" href="http://mycompany.com/resource?param=blah" />

if I annotate the properties with @XmlElement the link will look like:


I have a requirement to make the XML look like this, which is sort of a mix, but I don't want the href tags around the url so using @XmlElement for href won't work:

<link rel="self">http://mycompany.com/resource?param=blah</link>

Is there a way to do this using JAXB?

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You can use @XmlValue for this use case.

public class Link {

    String rel;

    String href;


For More Information

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