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I have an object that takes an ordered List (IOrderedEnumerable) of items where the order of the items is important.

public class OrderedListWorker : IListWorker
    private OrderedListWorker(IOrderedEnumerable<IListItem> orderedListItems)
        foreach (var listItem in orderedListItems)

I have multiple objects of type IListItem.

How can I register OrderedListWorker with Autofac and ensure that I get the ListItems in a specifc order at run time?

I see that order isn't guaranteed in This Post, but I'm not sure how to guarantee order.

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Why not take a IOrderedEnumerable if order is important? –  neontapir Jul 25 '13 at 16:27
Good point - I wanted to use IList, but Autofac couldn't resolve that parameter type. –  Max Barfuss Jul 25 '13 at 16:33
That being said, how do I instruct Autofac to resolve a parameter of type IOrderedEnumerable? –  Max Barfuss Jul 25 '13 at 16:43
Good question, I normally use a different IoC container. Glad you worked it out. :) –  neontapir Jul 25 '13 at 18:51
If order is important, why not sort the collection inside the OrderedListWorker? –  Steven Jul 26 '13 at 7:23

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I have a solution, that is a combination of the IOrderedEnumerable, and the ResolveOrdered<TComponent> solution from the post I linked to above.

Using the AutofacExtensions Class:

public static class AutofacExtensions
    private const string OrderString = "WithOrderTag";
    private static int _orderCounter;

    public static IRegistrationBuilder<TLimit, TActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle>
        WithOrder<TLimit, TActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle>(
        this IRegistrationBuilder<TLimit, TActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle> registrationBuilder)
        return registrationBuilder.WithMetadata(OrderString, Interlocked.Increment(ref _orderCounter));

    public static IOrderedEnumerable<TComponent> ResolveOrdered<TComponent>(this IComponentContext context)
                   .OrderBy(m => m.Metadata[OrderString])
                   .Select(m => m.Value).OrderBy(c => true);

I can specify my registrations as follows:

                       new ResolvedParameter(
                           (info, context) => true,
                           (info, context) => context.ResolveOrdered<IListItem>()));
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@Max Barfuss I still can't make comments on answers so I'll just post it as an answer , sorry.

For some strange reason I'm getting each IListItem twice with this method.

had to change ResolvedOrdered to :

public static IOrderedEnumerable<TComponent> ResolveOrdered<TComponent>(this IComponentContext context)
            context.Resolve<IEnumerable<Meta<TComponent>>>().Where(meta => meta.Metadata.ContainsKey(WITH_ORDER_META))
                   .OrderBy(m => m.Metadata[WITH_ORDER_META])
                   .Select(m => m.Value).OrderBy(c => true);
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