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I made a map using the standard projection. I guess it is "mercator". Here is the code,



p=p+scale_fill_gradientn("Depth of DCM (m)",colours=rgb(rgb[1:100,1],rgb[1:100,2],rgb[1:100,3]),

p = p+guides(fill = guide_colorbar(barwidth = 0.5, barheight = 9))



p=p+theme(legend.title = element_text(face = 'plain'))

p=p+guides(colour = guide_legend(title.hjust = 0.5))

When I try to change the projection to "mollweide"



the program starts to run but never stops.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks Alex

the data.frame coastline.world comes from


first lines of output:

structure(list(lon = c(-180, -179.5, -179, -178.5, -178, -177.5
), lat = c(-59.5, -59.5, -59.5, -59.5, -59.5, -59.5), dcm = c(NA, 
41.4461206739867, 45.6921865291417, 48.135154847963, 48.4013604947836, 
46.9140989480546)), .Names = c("lon", "lat", "dcm"), row.names = c(NA, 
6L), class = "data.frame")
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Welcome to Stack Overflow! If you gave us a reproducible example of your data (namely output and coastline.world) it would let us reproduce the problem and figure out what is wrong. You can give a reproducible example by posting the result of dput(output) and dput(coastline.world), though if they are large data frames you could do dput(head(coastline.world)) and dput(head(output)) instead (as long as you confirm the problem still occurs) –  David Robinson Jul 25 '13 at 16:36
any update? I struggling with a similar problem and I'm just starting to think that ggplot is not ready enough to make this kind of plots. –  Matteo De Felice Sep 5 '13 at 16:40

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It might just be that the data size is too large. coastline.world had over 400K rows. I also changed your layer which had geom_polygon to geom_points.

So I tried some uniform sampling (Pick say every 100th row, taking 1% of the total data).

  newcw <- coastline.world[seq(1, nrow(coastline.world), by = 100),]

Now when I tried

 p <- p+layer(data=newcw,geom="point",mapping=aes(x=longitude,y=latitude))
 p <- p+geom_point(data=newcw, mapping=aes(x=longitude,y=latitude))

And then the coord_map, rendered okay.

 p <- p+coord_map("moll")

This is what I got:

enter image description here

You might have to tinker with the colors to get what you intend.

Hope that helps you move forward.

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thanks for your help. The size of coastline.world is not the problem since I can draw the map with geom_polygon and coord_map("moll"). The problem arises when I try to plot output with geom_tile. –  user2619599 Jul 27 '13 at 14:05

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