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I'm using Castle windsor wcf facility for self hosting my services. On the client side I would like to use wcf facility again for consuming them. I want to register the services at client side dynamically by looping getting all the operationcontracts and register them through code but get endpoint configuration from a config file.

Most of the examples I saw on internet are using code to register them. I cannot use that as my client want more flexibility for manipulating the config file if and when needed. below is the code I came up with but it fails to read the configuration of client endpoints from config file.

  container.Register( Classes
                  .If(x => x.IsClass && HasServiceContract(x))
                  .Configure(c => c.AsWcfClient().LifeStyle.PerWcfOperation()));

Please advise.

Thanks in advance


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Here's how I'm doing it:


The "*" is actually a wildcard for an endpoint name. You could as well specify a named endpoint, but using the wildcard is my preferred way (it will then pick any endpoint with a matching service interface).

Please note that LifeStyle.PerWcfOperation only works for server side components and cannot be used on a wcf client (well maybe it can, but I guess it won't do anything).

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thanks for replying. I ended up reading the config file and going through the list of "Client" services and registering to container. – Sai Aug 6 '13 at 8:23

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