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So, I've got a bunch of vagrant VMs running some flavor of Linux (centos, ubuntu, whatever). I would like to automatically ensure that a "vagrant ssh" will also "cd /vagrant" so that no-one has to remember to do that whenever they log in.

I've figured out (duh!) that echo "\n\ncd /vagrant" >> /home/vagrant/.bashrc will do the trick. What I don't know is how to ensure that this only happens if the cd command isn't already there. I'm not a shell expert, so I'm completely confused here. :)

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cd is a Bash shell built-in, as long as a shell is installed it should be there.

Also, be aware that ~/.bash_profile is for interactive login shell, if you add cd /vagrant in ~vagrant/.bashrc, it may NOT work sometimes. Distros like Ubuntu does NOT have this file by default and use ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile

If someone creates a ~/.bash_profile for vagrant user on Ubuntu, ~vagrant/.bashrc will not be read.

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You can add cd /vagrant to your .bashrc and it will run the command when you ssh. The /bashrc you want is in /home/vagrant (the user you login as when you vagrant ssh.) You can just stick the new line at the bottom of the file.

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I put

echo "cd /vagrant_projects/my-project" >> /home/vagrant/.bashrc

in my provision.sh, and it works like a chaaam.

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