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I want to used crystal reports activex viewer with linq.

Dim crxApp As New CRAXDDRT.Application
Dim crxReport As New CRAXDDRT.Report

crxReport = crxApp.OpenReport(Application.StartupPath & "/Report/Report_Daily.rpt", Nothing)

dim query = From obj_tbl In dbModelAdmin.v_InvoiceReturnings Where obj_tbl.InvoiceId = 2
                      Select obj_tbl

rptDaily.ReportSource = crxReport

When I run I got the all data but what I want is to get the data by condition as in query.

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What type of object is dbModelAdmin.v_InvoiceReturnings? Are you getting any error with your LINQ statement? You really don't need the Select part of that query. –  OneFineDay Jul 25 '13 at 17:28

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