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Are there any good .net libraries I can use to read and write tags, people tags, date take, et cetera that are compatible with Windows Live Photo Gallery?

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FotoFly available on CodePlex is a C# library and it supports Windows Live Faces, GPS, Keywords, etc.. just as you are asking. See http://fotofly.codeplex.com/

Just an example using FotoFly to do what you want:

  JpgPhoto photo = new JpgPhoto(@"c:\temp\file.jpg");


  XmpRegion xmp = new XmpRegion();
  xmp.PersonDisplayName = "esac";
  xmp.RectangleString = "0.11, 0.25, 0.37, 0.49";


It also supports Exif, Iptc, Xmp, GPS, etc..

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Nice Library, they should put it on NuGet. –  Jim Counts Oct 15 '12 at 18:24

WPF has BitmapMetadata which supports updating the EXIF information which I assume Windows Live Photo Gallery uses.

There is another question which has details about both BitmapMetadata and the metadata used by WLPG.

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I don't know of any library, but I was reminded of this tool for converting Picasa face tags into the Windows Live Photo Gallery format.

I'm guessing the author of that tool is shelling out to run Exif Tool. Maybe it could point to a possible way of getting the job done.

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Try taglib#, the metadata for pictures are right now added see supported matrix.

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Now that looks interesting... –  Svish Nov 24 '09 at 15:10

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