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Since today, I'm experiencing issues with floods of warmup requests that happen at what appear to be random times.

Usually my app runs on 1 or 2 instances, but today it regularly reached 40 instances. Those instances are all short-lived, since they only serve one request because there was no change in web traffic or usage.

Obviously this has severely impacted my budget, so I want to figure out what's happening.

I have one idle instance to avoid cold requests throughout the day. I have now disabled that and it has solved the problem (which I believe is obvious, because this simply disabled the warmup requests if understand the manual correctly)

Of course, this also impacts the user experience.

So my questions:

  • What triggers warmup requests?
  • What triggers 40 warmup requests at a time? And how do I debug this?
  • Can I make it so that the algorithm that starts instances doesn't "overreact"?

I've also filed a production issue, but from what I read, I won't be receiving any feedback there, so I'm trying it here.

And there's a Google Groups thread with other people experiencing this.

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