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Am looking for commercial/free recommended c# winform controls packs

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I've tried ComponentOne, DevExpress and Telerik

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I've used the controls from both Infragistics and DevExpress and find the DevExpress ones to be far superior.

Although, my Infragistics exposure was .NET 1.1 and DevExpress has been 1.1 to current.


The support available on the DevExpress website has also never failed to solve a problem that I have had, I remember having an issue with the Infragistics grid control and not being able to solve it and believe me, I'm doing a lot more complex stuff with the DevEx stuff currently!

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I've been using some lighter weight components from Component Factory. They have a free kit, that has spiffed up versions of the basic winform components. As far as I know, they don't have a grid control.

For grids, I've used SandGrid from DivElements.

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I really like the Winforms Infragistics controls

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I have used the Telerik controls suite, and they are fairly decent.

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