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I am new to R and am planning to use R for a Artificial Neural Network regression. I have 10 different scenarios for each observation (Input). For each scenario, there are 7 variables, which means 7 output. I have 1000 observations in total and I do have 1000 expected output.I want to use 800 observations for training and the rest for testing. Could any one provide a sample for my case? I don't quite understand the instructions from the packages. Appreciated.

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Look here, it's very similar to your task. Briefly: taken a standart dataset and obtaining training and test datasets

irisTrainData = sample(1:150,100)
irisValData = setdiff(1:150,irisTrainData)

the neural network may be trained and used for prediction next way:

ideal <- class.ind(irisdata$species)
irisANN = nnet(irisdata[irisTrainData,-5], ideal[irisTrainData,], size=10, softmax=TRUE)
predict(irisANN, irisdata[irisValData,-5], type="class")
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