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using this scenario, how would I move all files from all subfolders EXCEPT one folder (Archive)?

in c:\folder, I have folder called "Archive" and a bunch of randomly named folders will be coming in with txt files in them from an ftp server. I need to pull all contents from these randomly generated folders recursively while leaving the Archive folder alone. Current line of code for batch:

for /r %l in (*) do (IF NOT "%l"=="*Archive*" move /y %l c:\folder)

results in

c:\folder>(IF NOT "c:\folder\Archive\arctest.txt" == "*Archive*" move /y c:\folder\Archive\arctest.txt c:\folder )
1 file moved

I want this file to stay while the subfiles in all other subfolders move.

Please forgive any confusion. Thank you for any help or consideration.

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In linux, you'd do something very like this: find . -path ARCHIVE -prune -i{} -exec mv -f {} c:/folder –  Ross Presser Jul 27 '13 at 18:14

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try this:

for /r %a in (*) do @echo %~dpa|findstr /rvi "^.:\\[^\\]*\\archive\\$" >nul&& echo move /y "%~a" c:\folder
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Hi Endoro: this simplification works too: findstr /rvi "\\archive\\$" >nul&& –  foxidrive Jul 26 '13 at 1:16

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